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Advanced Develop-MEN-t


Challenging the Norms

The conversations among men have been rapidly evolving, and navigating these changes can challenge a lot of stereotypes men traditionally associate with being a "man".  Men are realizing that the confines of cultural norms are resulting in opportunities to question their beliefs  that define, and restrain, their experience.  

Advanced Develop-MEN-t

This group came out of a desire to provide an environment for men to pursue perspective when the challenges of life become problematic.  From relationships to career, men are assumed to be able to handle things as expressed in sayings like "man-up" , or "grow a pair" to name a few.  These perspectives are only designed to isolate and  perpetuate the challenges life presents.  Together, in a supportive environment of individuals experiencing similar issues, we can work through some of these beliefs and definitions that are unique to men.  The group is limited to 8 participants at a time, with more than one group occurring weekly.  Groups are held from 7-8:30 PM, Cost is $50 per session and some PPO insurance may be accepted based on proof of benefits.