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Individual & Couples Therapy In Los Angeles

Present change in your life with a therapy session tailored to you. Bring out your best self by challenging the behaviors that hinder growth and development. From marriage counseling to individual therapy, you will be guided through a journey that allows you to thrive!

Why Solution Focused Therapy?

My passion is to work with clients to increase their awareness of themselves by experiencing the benefits of a more empowered perspective.  My approach focuses on challenging the behaviors that hinder our growth and development.   

Using Solution Focused Therapy in Westlake Village and Malibu - serving the Los Angeles area - to shift your perspective is a challenging endeavor.  It requires clients to show up and learn to differentiate between thought and behavior. This approach is in pursuit of lasting relief  from unchallenged, reflexive emotions and their destructive impact on our lives and those closest to us.  By working together, we will define specific tools to better understand how to pursue solutions instead of continuing to react to problems. 

When You Are Ready

Therapy is most effective when participants are committed to change, both for themselves and for their relationship. Your goals are yours – I am here to guide you through your journey so you both can make the necessary changes you need to thrive.  Evening and weekend appointments  are available.