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Intensive Sessions

Intensive Therapy Program


The “Intensive” approach to therapy has emerged more recently and has gained significant and immediate results for some clients.  As an alternative to the traditional weekly 50-minute sessions, this structure allows clients to benefit from longer weekly sessions designed to provide therapeutic potency and efficiency that focus on the issues challenging your experience. Both individuals and couples can engage in Intensive sessions to maximize and achieve counseling goals. 

Some basic guidelines regarding Intensive Therapy:

  • Combines multiple sessions into a concentrated format
  • There is no set duration for intensive therapy, but typically, sessions last from 2-20 hours weekly
  • Either for individuals or couples (intensive marriage therapy)
  • For those who want/need/prefer a more rapid format 
  • Can be utilized as a jumpstart to your sessions, followed by the traditional 50-minute weekly sessions
  • Can be utilized at any time in your therapeutic arc, as beneficial
  • Intensives are not intended as a one-time approach. 

The pursuit of change outside the therapy room is always the shared goal between us as you develop alternative perspectives that provide relief from reflexive thought. You are the only expert on you and I am here to challenge the beliefs and definitions that are in the way of obtaining your goals.