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About Me


Gregg Brock, LMFT

My post-modern focus on narrative, mindfulness, and solution-focused/brief therapies informs my daily awareness and defines my practice and approach to couples therapy.  I have worked professionally with clients regarding relationship issues, anger management and stress regulation.  I also volunteer on the Board of Directors at the Wellness Center of the Boys & Girls Club Malibu. 

I spend much of my awareness focused on the behavior of anger.  For many years, I ran weekly group sessions for at-risk adolescents in the juvenile justice system, and in 2011, I became a certified Batterers Intervention Counselor, giving me the opportunity to expand my practicum and run court ordered Domestic Violence Intervention programs for adults in the LA County Probation Department.  

These latter experiences provided me with the skills to help re-define the concept and behavior of anger, which I find very useful in working with couples.  I believe anger presents the greatest obstacle to experiencing the connection we all desire in our relationship with our partners.

About Solution Focused Therapy Counseling


The Power to Change

When life is in turmoil, it can seem almost hopeless at times.  The lens of our imposed history is the only thing that is between us and the solutions that are available.  Once we realize the only thing we have the power to change is ourself, we become empowered to grow while releasing others from the responsibilities we have imposed on them.  

The Focus of Treatment

During our sessions we will:

  • Develop tangible, alternative ways of dealing with challenges for when you're not in therapy
  • Introduce how to re-direct conflicts before they start
  • Develop the awareness that you are in charge of your experience
  • Develop the ability to change behaviors that do not serve your intentions
  • Learn how to benefit from (what might not seem like) opportunities presented to you in the challenges you encounter in life    

Realities of Therapy

Therapy is most effective when the participants are committed to change what is not working in their life.  There are many ways to approach the practice of therapy. Some require long term commitments and focus a great deal of time on history.  While I do believe history is the foundation of our experience, I prefer to focus on behaviors that are currently causing clients problems.  I work to encourage clients to experiment with alternative perspectives when challenged in an effort to engage our range of options beyond the emotional reflexes that betray our intentions.  You are the only expert on you, my role is to encourage clients to access the range they already have.  Your goals are yours – I am here to support you so you can make the necessary changes you need to thrive.      

Commit to Change

The challenges that emerge from a life  difficult to navigate. When we are injured or sick, we seek the help of a medical professional because we rely on their knowledge and insight for remedies.  So when it comes to our personal relationships, why do we tend to only rely on our own point of view to determine our experience? Why not seek out tools to increase our personal wellness – for ourselves and those we love? Are we not capable of challenging the emotional reflexes that are so familiar to us, yet don’t move us forward as we want or expect?  Step up to feel the relief available when you learn how not to engage in struggle.