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Individual Counseling Sessions


Individual Therapy


Life presents constant challenges – negative and positive. Sometimes it’s difficult to keep your head above water and get a clear understanding of what is really going on with these hurdles. As an individual therapy counselor, my approach is designed to focus on the opportunities these challenges present. By addressing certain behaviors we engage in during these tumultuous times, it allows for a more immediate experience of change. 

The perspective that defines our experience is but a small fraction of what is available. We have the ability to change our experience at any moment in time, but we have emotional reflexes that hijack our experience. In a supportive environment, I invite clients to question the beliefs that limit their ability to fully engage their complete range, rather than just experiencing anxiety and fear. 

Your goals are yours and together, we will pursue the change you seek in your day to day life, because true change happens outside our sessions. I employ a brief therapy model for this very reason, which is to get you in and committed to working, and then out in the world, affecting your own perspective and achieving personal balance.

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